Finest Furnishing Centre
80, Jalan Kebudayaan 6,
Taman Universiti,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.
+607-520 1551

+6010-525 2332
+6010-214 3333

About Us

Finest Furnishing Centre is a one stop curtain centre based on Taman University, Skudai. Our service areas are mostly focus on Johor Bahru. Our mission is to provide the best values in high quality product and the best service to our customer. Whether you are homes or leisure facilities to offices or commercial premises, our service are always fulfilling the satisfaction of customer.

     We specialize in Venetian & Vertical Blinds, Bamboo & Wooden Blinds, Curtain Materials, Cushion Cover, Upholstery, Wallpaper, Carpet, Window Film, Tinted Film, Laminate Flooring,Building Curtain & etc. Our Professionally trained staff are always ready to help and guide you to make your home environment feast for the eyes.

     We pride ourselves on offering a quality personal service, wide choice of products, expert advice, and professional workmanship, but we still keep improving our service, provide more choices for our products and superb technical.


     我们专注于百叶/垂直帘、竹/木帘、各式窗帘布及古申袋、沙发设计、壁纸、地毯、抗热胶片、建筑物窗帘等等。我们有受过专业培训的工作 人员,将为您提供帮助与专业的意见让您的家居环境大饱眼福。